Who we are

Since 1978, the RIEJ has been translating into the publishing world the ambition that lies at the core of the Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles Interdisciplinary Seminar for Legal Research.  With its international scientific board, it hosts peer-reviewed, top quality papers developing a critical, contextual and interdisciplinary approach to law.

Papers can be submitted in French or English.


Board of directors : Antoine Bailleux, Diane Bernard (editor-in-chief), Hugues Dumont, François Ost (editorial director), Jérémie Van Meerbeeck (deputy editor-in-chief).

Editorial board : Board of directors, Pierre-Olivier de Broux, Catherine Delforge, Daniel Dumont, Mathias El Berhoumi, Christine Guillain, Isabelle Hachez, Thierry Léonard,  Delphine Misonne, Julie Ringelheim, Annette Ruelle, Alain Strowel, Sébastien Van Drooghenbroeck, François Van der Mensbrugghe, Jogchum Vrielink.

Scientific Committee : Loïc Azoulai, Pierre Brunet, Jacques Chevallier, Jacques Commaille, Olivier Corten, Wim Decock, Olivier De Schutter, Baudouin Dupret, Christoph Eberhard, Marie-Claire Foblets, Benoît Frydman, Antoine Garapon, Frédéric Géa, Serge Gutwirth, Jean-Louis Halpérin, Christophe Jamin, Olivier Jouanjan, Christophe Lazaro, Jean-Denis Mouton, Alain Papaux, Pascal Pichonnaz, Julien Pieret, Patricia Popelier, Julie Ringelheim, Philippe Robert, Nicolas Thirion, Marc Van Hoecke, Massimo Vogliotti.

Editorial secretary : Axelle Darmont.

How to publish

The RIEJ is published in June and December. It is available on paper and online through Cairn and Strada.

Its activities are undertaken in compliance with its Charter.

Our “Etudes” section features innovative and cutting-edge analyses complying with the strictest scientific standards. The outputs of a collective research project can be published as a “Dossier”. A specific section is devoted to articles selected following a presentation and discussion at a meeting of the Interdisciplinary Seminar for Legal Studies. Finally, outstanding theses written by law students (including Ph.D. students) as part of their curriculum can be published in a dedicated section called “Premiers Travaux”.

The RIEJ is open to any critical analysis of the law, particularly if it is based on an interdisciplinary approach (combining legal and philosophical approaches, political science, sociology, anthropology, etc.). Article can be sent to Diane Bernard, editor-in-chief, to the email address riej-slb@uclouvain.be.

The double (and double-blind) peer review process takes about three months. The experts give an overall assessment of the submitted article, including both substantive and formal comments. Based on these evaluations, the article is either accepted (as it is or subject to minor changes) or rejected.

Authors are requested to respect the Charter and editorial guidelines of the RIEJ from the initial submission of their manuscript.

How to order

All RIEJ numbers are available on Cairn and Strada.

Printed numbers can be ordered

Subscription (2 issues per year): 55 EUR + shipping costs

Number: 30 EUR + shipping costs